Life isn’t a matter of milestones but of moments – Rose F. Kennedy


An important point in your journey
a deadline not to be missed
a project’s go or no go decision
a marker on the road in the mist.

The happiest day in your life
your wedding, your child’s birth
the saddest of days it can be too
showing you what it’s all worth.

Some of the stones you plant yourself
some are put in place by others
reaching them can become quite a battle
often creating strong bands of brothers.

A stone every mile along the road
to tell you where you are heading
and if you decide to take a different turn
does that mean you’re in for some tough sledding?

A milestone is a reference point
of value only to those
who know what it’s referring to
they reach it and can repose.

Some of those stones become a burden
to reach, get rid of or try to displace
what if we ignored them and went on our way
to explore all corners of life’s beautiful maze?

(c) Mindful Mimi – February 2010

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