5 tips to start the day creatively

People tell me it’s difficult to be creative every day.
Of course it is.

But if you set up a few systems to create a creative routine, you can easily be creative every day.

Being creative does not necessarily mean you have to paint a painting or write a song.

Here are a few ideas on how you can start (or end) your day with something creative:

  1. Buy the book “The Art of Looking Sideways” by Alan Fletcher.
    Put it on your desk at work and open it to a new page every day. You will not only learn some interesting things but also have a daily dose of inspiration.
  2. Brush your teeth with your other hand.
    This will confuse your brain, but it will also teach it to create new neural pathways. And that is good for creativity.
  3. Visit Keri Smith‘s website for 100 ideas for little, funny, crazy actions.
    Do one every day. I suggest you get her books too.
  4. Do something with your hands first.
    We are so used to working with our brains that we don’t know how to work with our hands anymore. So start your day with something manual.
    * take some paper, cut it into pieces, glue it together with glue or tape
    * get some paper flowers and fashion them into a bouquet for your office
    * hand write the agenda of your day
  5. Take a picture a day:
    Bring a disposable camera to work and take a different picture of your office. Rearrange things, add new things. When the roll of film is full, develop the picture and make a mosaic to hang on your wall. Or participate in the art project A Million Little Pictures.
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