Running is one the best solutions to a clear mind – Sasha Azevedo


This week I ran my first ever 10 km !


I run on a relatively regular basis. Usually a +/- 5 km tour on a concrete path winding through fields behind our house. After a while, I noticed the wish for something new and looked up some running events nearby. I did not want to start out with a real competition immediately, but something different to measure myself by. There is a ‘fun’ run end of August where you can choose between a 5K or 10K run.

I decided to participate and do the 5K.

As the run came nearer, the 10K figure kept looming in the background. Never having run 10K before however, I was very skeptic whether I could actually make that distance. I am always quite happy and satisfied after 5K. No need to add frustration to my new sport.

On Monday I ran my usual 5K tour and on Wednesday I just decided to go for a 10K tryout. I wouldn’t know until I tried. And if I got tired along the way I could still just walk home.

Funny enough I hit a first hard stretch 20 minutes into the run, which is normally the time when things start to get easy during my 5K run. I figured it was just psychological. 20 min means I’m about halfway in my 5K run. Here I knew I still have much more to go. But I kept running and taking it easy. It was also a completely new route to me, running-wise anyway. It was raining a bit in the beginning, so I was wearing my rain gear. Then the sun came out and I was getting too warm. In the end I was happy I put it on though: better too warm then cold.

There were a few stretches that I had to walk. I am not so good at running uphill :-)

After a while though, my legs became a sort of machine and even my breathing seemed completely superficial and the notion of it almost disappeared. I never experienced that during a 5K run.

I was elated to arrive home and see that I had done the 10K in 1 hour and 13 minutes.


So I think I will definitely try to run the 10K during that fun run.
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3 Responses to Running is one the best solutions to a clear mind – Sasha Azevedo

  1. Jorge says:

    Bonjour ami : il voulait invitarte que tu visites le blog que j’effectue avec mes élèves de seconde année de du secondaire sur la DISCRIMINATION.
    Sujet difficile et intéressant.
    Il sera sûrement de ton plaisir.
    Te nous invitons que tu lises ce qui aimes de de lui et fais un avis sur ce dernier.
    Ton apport sera précieux.
    Dans le blog tu trouveras un traducteur de la page dans plusieurs langues si de l’as besoin.
    Une embrassade depuis l’Argentine.

  2. igoddess says:

    Applause indeed! Well done! Hip hip hooray!

  3. DebMc says:

    Bravo! I’m impressed!

    I walked my first 5K a few years ago. Loved the sense of satisfaction I got from finishing!
    While I can’t do the running (my back won’t let me) I love watching the ‘gazelles’ leap in front of the pack.

    Run on!


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