Do you have an accountability buddy?

I recently met up with the women who attended my retreat in March during a Pot Luck dinner. Besides some yummie food and lots of chatter, we spent some time reviewing what has happened since the retreat.

I had asked every woman 3 things:

  1. What have you accomplished since the retreat (added a habit, etc – this can be small or big – it’s all about celebrating little successes!…)?
  2. What has really changed (just a bit or big time) since the retreat or what have you come to understand better since then?
  3. What  do you really struggle with (small or big)?

It was such a great moment to see all the amazing things these women have accomplished.

When I asked them what they did to celebrate, some of them shrugged.

We forget to celebrate our little victories. We celebrate birthdays, big accomplishments with big parties. We should not forget to celebrate our little ticks on our to do lists with small celebrations (even if it’s just a little happy dance).

What came as an ‘A-Ha’ moment to all, was that it felt so great to have this group as a sounding board.  And it creates a good accountability factor.

What do I mean by that?

Well, whenever you start something new or begin a project, you often get lost in overwhelm and to-do lists. And then you get stuck.

An accountability buddy is someone you can bounce ideas, doubts and frustration off at. But she also serves as a deadline keeper.

My coach for example is my my accountability buddy. Whenever I have my regular meeting with her, I have to check in with myself and see where I stand. I have to check what I said I would do to see if I’ve actually done it. And if not, well then I better get moving! :-)

What does an Accountability buddy do?

  • listens with a neutral, constructive ear
  • focuses on YOU and gives you her time
  • does not join in on your stress/overwhelm/whining/complaining
  • asks the right questions to get you unstuck
  • is usually NOT a friend
  • keeps you up to schedule with your projects/plans
  • gives advice/make suggestions without sounding directive (she doesn’t say ‘I think you should do this’)
  • shares experience with you (from herself or her clients/network)
  • shares her network with you (‘I know someone who could help you with that’)
  • challenges and uplevels you (she knows your comfort zone and default settings)
  • helps keep the process fun (i.e. takes away your overwhelm default setting)
  • energizes you
  • helps you celebrate your progress

So what are you waiting for???

Get an accountability buddy. This can be a coach you hire (payment is very good for accountability kicking you in the butt), ask a trusted friend or woman you admire, …

The results will be amazing and your projects will get done at the speed of light!

If you need some help, download this free e-book on The Accountability Effect by Bassam Tarazi.

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